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Allerta Inc - Website Design
Allerta Inc - Website Design


Allerta Inc


Allerta - Mobile Alerts at a Glance. Allerta is an up and coming small business that designs and manufactures watches that sync via Bluetooth to your Blackberry. Through the watch, you can receive alerts and preview text messages and emails.


Allerta approached StudioLight to create their online presence. They are a group of young professionals who were looking for anything but a plain corporate website. Utilizing vibrant colours and vivid photos, StudioLight created pictorial representations of the key problem areas that Allerta is solving as a company.




Here at StudioLight, we want to create works of art while building friendly relationships with all that we meet. Currently, we have skills in branding, print work, and web design & development. We believe in great user experience, which obviously comes with great responsibility. In other words, we pride ourselves in creating stuff to better your communication with the people that matter. Our goal is to make something that not only looks great, but works the way you want it to.

We're always on the look out for new exciting projects and ideas - so if you have one.. We're waiting to hear from you (:
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